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No zombies or anything too sexy or squicky, and if it’s a canon I’m not familiar with I’ll need image refs.

For those needing some inspiration, and to test out dreamwidth's new image posting capabilities, here's a fun pose I have saved in my reference folder, as well as some from the ever inspiring Sailor Sakky DeviantArt. Choose a pose and give me a subject!

Two breakdancers kissing while upside down

Say it Again [Pose Reference for Drawing]
by SenshiStock on DeviantArt

Sailor Artist 3
by SenshiStock on DeviantArt

Pregnant Archer - Pose Reference for Drawing
by SenshiStock on DeviantArt

Sailor Umbrella 13
by SenshiStock on DeviantArt

Raise It Up [Pose Reference for Drawing]
by SenshiStock on DeviantArt

Sailor Sakky vs. Sailor Sakky
by SenshiStock on DeviantArt

Date: 2017-03-18 10:33 pm (UTC)
anghraine: from the 2005 p&p: darcy standing at a piano while georgiana plays it (cassian and jyn)
From: [personal profile] anghraine
:D :D :D :D

Yes, he's wearing the same uniform. Jyn's would just have different rank insignia and code cylinders (the metal tube things they wear at their shoulders, apparently they have access codes), since she's an NCO and he's an officer. (I am personally not that particular about it, however!)

I actually wasn't thinking of anything canonical for the hoverchair, so you can do whatever you like there.

Yep, those are the sorts I'm thinking of. Luke has one as a stormtrooper that he uses to scream at Threepio with, though I don't remember the details and am pretty much handwaving them to be whatever I need them to be (watch/walkie-talkie/cellphone/lol whatever).

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