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Still sick!

It has settled into bronchitis, I had a runny nose to start with but that's gone away, now I just have a cough and unpleasant feeling chest. Went to the chemist and they gave me this vile herbal stuff swearing it was the best thing they had, it has helped a little more than the previous expectorant but also, as expected, sets off my reflux a bit. Going to make a doctor's appointment later today but don't expect them to offer much help, based on previous experience.

Also I am feeling sad. Depressed I guess. I think I have been for a while but have run out of distractions: am done with all the easy things I wanted to do in Stardew Valley, finished watching the latest season of Akagami no Shirayukihime, then caught up with the manga, and then just now posted a fic. I have other things I could do but am feeling very EVERYTHING IS POINTLESS AND SAD. It hit me while I was finishing the fic but I persevered and posted it and am now trying to forget it exists since right now all I'm capable of thinking about it is "THIS IS AWFUL NOONE WILL LIKE IT" which is unhelpful.

It was funny poking at the Akagami no Shirayukihime fandom though. The canon relationship is the female main character Shirayuki with her male love interest Zen, but both have a close, somewhat shippy friendship with their mutual male friend Obi. My story is Shirayuki/Zen/Obi. (Will post properly later but if you're curious here it is)

On AO3 it’s mostly Shirayuki/Obi, Shirayuki/Zen, Shirayuki/Zen/Obi and a smattering of Obi/Zen, followed by relationships involving the other characters.

On there’s a lot of Shirayuki/Zen and a little Shirayuki/Obi but no Shirayuki/Zen/Obi or Zen/Obi, my story aside. What there is is lots of fic like “When Zaara, half sister of Zen and Izana, and the illegitimate Princess of Clarines comes back home, Obi is the one tasked with her protection. He starts to grow closer to her as she takes him on crazy adventures, but underneath her fun and kind exterior, lies hidden secrets and sorrows. Obi/O.C. Crap summary, good story!”(*)

And the tumblr tag is a lot of gifsets of funny moments mixed with closeups of Shirayuki and Zen kissing.

(*)For all I know it is a good story, and given the nature of shoujo I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if something like this became canon. I am just amused at the difference in fic culture.
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