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2013 version

The most interesting thing I did creativity wise was run [profile] fanartremixexchange, which was a great experience. The two pieces of art I drew were The Avengers: The First Thing You See and The Sandman: Endless Delerium.

I also did a Coursera art history course, the art I made for that wasn't very good but the most interesting is probably this little museum diorama.

And I made a comic, News From The Sea for a Coursera course on comics.

Everything else is like 90% prompts and exchanges. Thanks to everyone who's given me prompts this year I really needed them!

Original fiction:
The Most Talked About Night Of The Season regency fairies
Riko Yamada, Magical Girl and the rest of her story
Droid in Distress Little original m/m-ish scifi story.
Original art:
Turtles some of the way down
T Cell vs The Corona: Home Invasion
Snow White and Red Riding Hood
News From The Sea
a museum diorama

Dragon Age fic:
The Scent of Honeysuckle and Reactions: Before and After: Josephine/Cassandra fake relationship
Dragon Age art:
Romance in Dragon Age Inquisition and a bunch more silly comics eg Maximising My Smooches
Dragon Age 2: The stars are brighter here Merill/Isabela
DA2: Daisies
Merrill/Isabela again, even though I don't actually ship it! They are just cute to draw for other people's prompts :)
Dragon Age Awakening: Come Down Here Velanna/Sigrun
Dragon Age: The Royal Family of Orzamarr drawn for the Dragon Age Reverse Big Bang and inspired From Dust to a New Dawn

Mass Effect art:
Romance in Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect: Quantitative Data Sam/EDI

Homestuck art:
Homestuck: Friends in high places
Homestuck: Bonding

Fresh Pretty Cure art:
I redrew all the main characters to try and more closely match the fruit theme

"The Man Who Changed the World" fic:
Spare Change

Avatar: The Legend of Korra/The Last Airbender art:
Lin Bei Fong: Queen of Metal
Avatar: Korra and Teo
Korra Makes Asami a Hairclip

The Hobbit art:
Tauriel: walking in starlight
The Hobbit: Lost in Mirkwood

MCU art:
The Avengers: The First Thing You See
Captain America: The Falcon
Iron man: Water Patriot

Miscellaneous fanart:
Guilty Gear: Sol Badguy knitting
Reliquary: Angel
The Sandman: Endless Delerium
Person of Interest: Our Lady Of The Machine Root
Bastion: Zulf Plaits Zia's Hair (I did a bunch of Bastion art but this is the only one I really like)
Game of Thrones: Margaery and Daenerys
Dr Who: Idris Stained Glass Window


What pairing/genre/fandom did you create that you would never have predicted in January?
Hmm...original m/m? Oh! And (Lavellan) Inquisitor/Cullen. I mean I didn't really draw it properly, but the fact I ship it at all is a suprise. I really didn't like him in the previous games.

What's your own favorite work of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest?
Art: Snow White and Red Riding Hood, I think it came out really pretty. Fiction: The Scent of Honeysuckle, it was fun to write and seems to have made people happy.

Did you take any creative risks this year? What did you learn from them?
The coursera courses literally taught me some stuff about art, and pushed me to create things to be marked, including a long form comic. The fanart remix exchange taught me I can be an organiser if I really try. "Spare Change" was kind of my first time writing for a fic exchange, and my first songfic, and I did it! I did a writing challenge, I didn't finish it but it still pushed me to try different things.

Do you have any creative goals for the New Year?
Write more fic! Finish rejigging my time travel game to have better art. Maybe do some more comics and games. Also see the "most unintentionally telling" question. 

From my past year, what was...

My best works of this year:
In terms of quality, probably Snow White and Red Riding Hood for art, Spare Change for fiction. News From The Sea for comics because it was the only one I put much work into.

My most popular work of this year:
On AO3: The Scent of Honeysuckle (Kudos 106, Bookmarks 8, Hits 947) It's my second most popular work ever and I posted it a week ago.
On tumblr: Iron Man: Water Patriot, with 137 notes.
On (fic only): The Scent of Honeysuckle (Favourites 11, Reviews: 3, Hits: 707) Much less dramatic.
On DeviantArt (art only): Quantitative Data (Comments: 21, Favourites: 56, Views: 1048)

All about POC, mostly femslash :)

Work of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
Hmmmm I don't know. Feeling too down on myself to fight the universe this year.

Most fun story to write/art to draw:
Probably the silly dragon age comics. It's fun to just sketch out an image to get the idea across and not stress about making it pretty.

Story with the single sexiest moment:
The Scent of Honeysuckle, since I'm not sure any of the others have sexy moments at all. Partly a result of me not writing much this year, I don't really draw sexy...ok except kind of in "Quantitative Data" my other most popular work this year haha. Fandom is predicatable :)

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:
I only wrote one fanfic about characters I already knew, and writing The Scent of Honeysuckle did make me really poke at the subtle contradictions in Josephine's character, the sneaky mercenary scheming mixed with sweetness and honesty. And "Spare Change" required me to construct characters from the hints in a very surreal song, which has made me hear the song very differently! Pretty sure it's not what Bowie had in mind when he wrote it though :)

Hardest to create:
News From The Sea. Comics are haaaard.

Biggest Disappointment:
All the fics I started and didn't finish, and all the original fiction I wrote, this has not been a good year for me with writing. Also I am never happy with my Bastion fanart (which kind of makes me want to give up, and kind of makes me want to draw more until I'm happy with it!)

Biggest Surprise:
That I ended up drawing a multi page comic, I guess!

Most Unintentionally Telling Work:
Hmmm. Well, this is the year I realised 90% of my shippy art is one person looking surprised and blushing about something the other person did. So...all the art where that happens.

In conclusion:
This year was awful with lots of stress and uncertainty and poor health, and that did not make it easy to be creative. It really impinged on my ability to write, but I managed to write something decent in the end and people like it. And I soldiered through feeling depressed and down about my art to create things I am happy to look back on, even if I had to rely on a lot of prompts/exchanges etc to do it.

Here's to a better 2015!
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