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Homestuck: ARADIA <3 <3 Terezi ;_; And what is happening with Rose?? (I have seen suggestions that this is Terezi's nadir before she rises again extra determined. I hope so)

Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Best Charlotte/Lizzie adaptation ever.

Which is to say, despite the charmingness of the smooches, I was never really swept away by the Lizzie/Darcy train. Overall, while I'm not as INTENSELY ANGRY as some, I think the adaptation has ISSUES, notably with pacing and weird/unfortunate choices: making Georgiana more involved with Lydia's arc (good!) only for that to lead to her being all flaily and Darcy being domineering (bad), making Lydia more sympathetic and three dimensional (good!) only to make her into a COMPLETELY different character (hmmm) and draw out a painful, confused and problematic abuse storyline whose issues I really don't feel like getting into (bad!), emphasising family and friendship over romance (nice as a change from every other adaptation, though not inherently better) only to vastly understate and reduce Lizzie and Jane's relationship and make Mary just...vanish (bad!), making a point of exploring all of Lizzie's "prejudices" (valid) but not making it clear what she should have done differently apart from just...liking everyone and putting up with everything? (bad!), giving Caroline more lines and making her a POC (good!) only to turn her into a 1 dimensional villain (bad!), only having the Bennet parents show up as costumes (cute!) only to make Mrs Bennet even more 1 dimensional and useless than she was in the books and remove all criticism of Mr Bennet (bad!) etc. And then there are the MASSIVE PLOT HOLES.

Also, if the next 2 episodes don't have something UNBELIEVABLY NASTY happen to Wickham I will be supremely pissed. So he abuses all these women and gets paid off and nothing happens to him? But Lydia has The Wrong Sort Of Sex and as a result gets crushed and (non permanently) broken? HOW IS THIS BETTER THAN THE BOOK??

But despite all that, I have enjoyed a lot of the show, and it really does leave more space for Lizzie/Charlotte (or Darcy/Lizzie/Charlotte) than any other adaptation which makes me irrationally fond of it.

EDIT: Glamaphonic has been doing some very indepth criticism, I quite liked this post.

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