Aug. 25th, 2013

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People have responded really well to my SB fic which makes me feel less self conscious about opining on the thoughts that went behind it (of course it probably helps that for the sake of my recipient I just wrote f/m instead of the f/f/m my heart wanted)

Anyway! While writing The Life and Death of Setsuka Heel I realised that (a)I wanted Ren and Kyoko to actually talk honestly about their feelings and (b)I couldn't figure out what that looked like since they pretty much never do it. This prompted a reread of much of the manga and some thoughts which I couldn't talk about because of anonymity...UNTIL NOW.
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alias_sqbr: Asterix-like magnifying glass over Perth, Western Australia (australia 2)
We got a letter from the real estate agent saying we have to move at the end of October it is VERY ANNOYING. Not only because moving is always annoying but because we are going on a trip at the start of October which is going to use up a lot of money and energy etc. We actually got the letter a few days ago and I have been distracting myself but urrrrg I should start sorting/packing and stuff I GUESS.

Also I am utterly overwhelmed by the tens of comments (which is to say, literally around ten comments) I have yet to reply to from Paralells stuff. They're just all so thoughtful and nice I don't know what to say /o\ (yes yes, cry more Sophie)

Kira had a cold but is better now as far as we can tell.

...ok that's enough real life stuff, gotta get back to answering comments and making money in Flight Rising. Wildclaw scrolls don't buy themselves!

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