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Currently my loungeroom looks like this.

I am so very very tired. Much boxes. Very packed.

Including ALL MY SPOONS. SOMEWHERE AMONGST THE VARIOUS PILES (we bought some more to tide us over)

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Flight Rising registration is open!!!


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(and a mortgage but never mind that)

Movers booked for Tuesday, cat is staying with in-laws until after Swancon. Phew!

We spent part of this afternoon just sitting on the floor going "HOUSE"

EDIT: Second "final" inspection was fine, after the DISASTER of the first.

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Flight Rising Registration opens again April 14!

It continues to be fun and they're doing better with the bugs, the main issue is that you have to just accept the weird ups and downs (mainly downs) of the economy instead of expecting the devs to make sure your investments pay off eg I paid 150K treasure for a dragon whose babies now net me like 10K if I'm lucky. But they are all very pretty babies and that's what really matters :)

I did an Evangelion fusion recently (which I will link to next time I do a creative stuff post) and ever since I keep almost remembering some other story, I think something I was reading/watching around the same time as I saw this very interesting discussion about the anime. The memories are...non verbal or something, distinct but nothing I can put into words and they vanish again really quickly. Something about pretend heirs to a company maybe? Could it be Un Lun Dun?? It's been happening for over a day and is like something I can almost see out the corner of my eye, quite disconcerting.

Saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier and quite enjoyed it! A well made superhero movie with interesting characters, some mild social commentary, THREE named female characters and (EDIT) TWO black guys who get to be competent, lots of explosions. Don't think about it too hard, or expect it to focus too much on anyone who isn't Steve. It did however highlight my issues with the first Captain America movie: Steve himself is a perfectly well written "decent man in a less than decent world" character, but they wallow a bit too much in the lie that the past was a Simpler Time, that it was only after WWII that the US "lost it's way" morally/politically/in war etc. Yes, the US were absolutely the good guys in WWII but only because the Nazis were so terrible by comparison. The US military and government have always been morally shady, and to pretend otherwise is a massive insult to all the people they mistreated.

Holy crap

Apr. 3rd, 2014 06:50 pm
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Settlement is in a week.
A week.
And then we have keys.
And a house.
And a mortgage.

:O :D D: /o\

Also cam is in New Zealand for a conference until Sunday.
Final inspection is on Monday.
Settlement is on Thursday.
A week after that is swancon.


Um. But I'm coping. Pretty well. Considering.
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Once I got over the "people getting dissolved" aspect I really enjoyed this series! And I think that if I hadn't been (a)particularly squicked by that kind of biological scariness and (b)softened by not having read anything remotely horror-y for ages it would have been fine, certainly I felt much better at the end of books 2 and 3 than I did at the end of book 1.

Anyway! If you can deal with a bit of scariness this is quite an enjoyable scifi trilogy, with an interesting female protagonist, moderately inventive worldbuilding, thrills, romance, humour, and likeable (if not super deep) characters (many of whom were female scientists! Having complicated and important friendships!!). It's not the best thing I've ever read, I could see the scaffolding behind the writing more than I would like, especially when it came to the romance (though the love interest himself was nice enough) and spreading out exposition. Avoiding too many info dumps in a row is good, but you have to be a bit more creative than just having three chapters worth of your main character being constantly interrupted every time she tries to read a letter.

I love some clever alien reproductive biology, and this book had lots, as well as some very varied gender roles, but the author fell into some of the typical traps, like making everyone straight (or equivalent) and generally interested in having kids at least in an abstract sense. If you can't even capture the diversity of human reproductive drives/gender etc...

It's definitely a trilogy telling one story, but each book has a moderately neat ending, they don't just stop or end on a cliffhanger or anything. I'll definitely be checking out some of her other books, though I may avoid the ones that look like they focus more on romance since that was the weakest part to me.
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We got a home loan :D :D

Now to wait for the settlement agent to find out that the land the house is sitting on is legally part of New Zealand or something.
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Yes, you are bored of physics and maths based scifi because you're familiar with all the tropes and know more maths and physics than most scifi authors.

Yes, biological science based scifi can be more engaging, since biology is a science you find interesting but know very little about.

But biological science based scifi also FREAKS YOU THE HELL OUT. Especially when the book turns out to be the first in a trilogy so there's no resolution at the end, and the Big Bad is an inexorably expanding mindless biological threat, eg ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST SQUICKS (zombies are an especially common subsquick)

Ahhhhhhhh. This is why I read romance novels /o\ /o\

The book in question is "Survival" by Julie E Czerneda. And it was mostly a fun, thrilling story about a female scientist who just wants to get back to studying salmon before the season ends but gets caught up in intergalactic affairs despite herself, I especially liked the relationship with her female best friend. A bit like a cross between Larry Niven and Connie Willis, if not quite as good as either.

But....the goo D: D: THE MOUTHS D: D:

(This isn't a spoiler, the first chapter is all about the goo and the mouths. As are every fourth or fith chapter after that. Nnnnnnnng)

I double checked on goodreads to make sure that the third book really is a conclusion to the series, and it is. So I guess I'll read the rest of the trilogy. But I may distract myself between times with regency romances where NOONE GETS DISSOLVED AND EATEN.
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Any fandom I’m familiar with, or original prompts, or unfamiliar stuff with references.
(And as always, no zombies!)

Let's see if I can post this before dreamwidth stops working again. The internet here is patchy which is NOT HELPING.
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I can't see this being interesting for anyone other than me. I just felt like writing it out, and will probably add to it over time.

Common themes: Underground passageways, weird little malls, islands in any large body of water, confusing streets, places all blurring together. I have a terrible sense of direction and it shows :) Also my subconscious has barely noticed any changes in my life since the nineties. I often only remember the existence of Cam halfway through the dream and then shoehorn him into the plot.
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Before I forget what they all mean! I had a good time, the JAFWA manga library was a great way to rest and I had some delicious sukiyaki from Pepper Steak which probably had nothing to do with my throat going bright blotchy red just afterwards.

Game development:

Let's Make Games local game group
Global Game Jam: Perth
Construct 2 Game engine
Rock Paper Shotgun Reviews, links to interesting little free games
The Lost Garden Blog
Extra Credits Meta
Podcasts: Game design round table, Tone Control

Panelists were from 5Milkshakes cosplay, say they will put their recs list up there at some point. (They printed 25 copies which vanished in minutes :))

Unlike yaoi, yuri tends to actually explore sexuality and gender a bit, often characters tending towards genderqueer or trans though they generally don't use those terms.

Things I wrote down:
Sympho Gear
Strawberry Panic
Sasameki Koto
Koko connect
Kiss of the petals

Being in a room full of happy yuri fangirls (and the odd outnumbered fanboy) was great :)

Yuri recs

Mar. 1st, 2014 07:24 pm
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There is a yuri panel at Waicon tomorrow I hope to make it to, and I was thinking I should have my yuri recs post to hand but then I realised I dont seem to have one!

So! A quick list of anime and manga with canon f/f that I liked.


Girlfriends by Morinaga Milk: Cute somewhat fanservicey high school romance.

Strawberry Shake Sweet by Shizuru Hayashiya: Cute less fanservicey romantic comedy between two idols.

Morishima Akiko does lots of really cute one shots, some about ACTUAL ADULTS.


Revolutionary Girl Utena: Subverts gender roles, deeply weird and full of triggers but very interesting.

Sakura Trick: blushing moe schoogirls kissing. Cute and happy but really obviously aimed at guys, with lots of closeups of their breasts and thighs. I kind of enjoy it but feel dirty.

Websites/more recs

Lililicious: scanlations of SO MANY MANGA.

Shira’s Ginormous Shoujo-Ai and Yuri Manga Master Rec List

Kentsarrow's recs

Stuff I haven't seen but have been recced:


Aoi Hana

Iono-sama Fanatics

Stuff I didn't really like but others might:

Mai Hime: Magical girls with too much male gaze and heteronormativity for my tastes. I enjoyed it well enough as action/adventure, but the f/f left a bad taste in my mouth.

Love DNA XX: in a world of only XX people, half are trans men (sort of) Lots of fanservice of people with boobs in men's clothes. Not my kind of crossdressing.

Pietà by Nanae Haruno: angsty Special Girls find comfort in each other.

Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl by Satoru Akahori and Yukimaru Katsura: A girlish boy is turned into a girl by an alien. Shenanigans ensue. The main character's father kept "hilariously" hitting on her and it creeped me out.
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Was looking over my Quickflix queue and I'm pretty sure I never mentioned these. Which says something about the impression they left...

Brown Sugar: a romantic drama. I found the guy annoying, and stopped watching.

K-On!: I now understand what people mean by "generic moe mush". Unobjectionable and entirely insubstantial anime about cute teen girls making a band. I may watch more if I need soemthing entirely mindless and happy tp get me through a fuzzy headed cold.

I could never be your woman: 90s romantic comedy about an older single mother and a younger man. Unwatchably irritating.
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It is a little 2 bedroom place in Maylands, for the maximum we were willing to pay ($380K) because urrrg housing prices. The real estate agent said were very strong negotiators, which is to say that I am very good at not spending money on things.

Agent: You know, if you went up to $385K I know the owner would accept you right away.
Cam: Uh...
Me: No.
Agent: What about $2500 more? Come on, it's not that much.
Cam: Hmmmm....
Me: No.
Agent: I'm just trying to help you out here. What if a few thousand is all it takes for him to say yes?
Me: And what if someone else comes along offering $390K? He can take our offer or not. His choice. If he says no, we'll just buy another house. There are lots of other houses.

He'd accepted by the time I got off the train in Rockingham :D

Meanwhile Cam is the one who said "No" every time I sent him links to run down shoeboxes in the middle of nowhere for $200K. (THINK OF HOW MUCH MONEY WE COULD SAVE. WHO NEEDS EXTRA BEDROOMS WE ONLY HAVE ONE BED)

Part of me is paranoid that it's the Wrong House and there's some Secret Reason noone else wanted to buy it (it was originally selling for $400K, and the $380K showing was poorly attended) but on the other hand hoooooouuuusssseeeee :D :D And one reason it's cheap is that it has a tiny garden with ugly slabs and no plants OH NO, NO GARDENING. And idk we both have a good feeling about it. Also HOUSE. OMG.
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I keep putting this off until I can remember them all but this has inevitably led to a negative spiral since then there's just more to remember. So! WHAT I CAN REMEMBER RIGHT NOW.

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I've gotten into a bit of a creative slump and this will hopefully jolt me out of it.

Any fandom I’m familiar with, or original prompts, or unfamiliar stuff with references.

(And as always, no zombies!)

EDIT: And that's enough pirate prompts for one post :P
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I'm sorry hebethen, I was putting this off until I thought of something interesting to say but I'm not sure that day is going to come. So, while it's still January, some entirely off the top of my head rambles.
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So! Today we moved in with Cam's parents since we STILL HAVEN'T FOUND A HOUSE and despite everyone's best efforts Lily was finding having us at her house too tiring (and fair enough, we said we'd only be there for a week...two months ago)

On the downside this means we live in Rockingham, 50km (35 miles) south of our old house and 45 minutes south of the city by train. On the plus side we live directly opposite a massive shopping centre and bus hub (there's even a pedestrian underpass!) with every fat-girl-friendly clothes franchise I can think of as well as some nice food franchises. There's also a nice non-franchise Chinese place down the road, and a library, train station, and sea shore within a km or two.

Cam's parents have been really sweet and welcoming, Cam's mum made a nice meal full of things I could eat then apologised that she wouldn't be cooking for us every night (but here were the leftovers and others ingredients in the fridge) Being pensioners they understand the importance of quiet lying down and naps, and at least thus far we seem to be able to work around each other's needs amicably. Right now Cam's mum is resting her room, I'm resting in mine, and Cam and his dad are watching airplane documentaries in the loungeroom.

Kira is still deciding how she feels about us, but seems to be warming up in her nervy, stand offish way. She comes up and rubs/sniffs at me then wanders off when I look at her. I hope Lily's cats will cope ok with the loss of 67% of their cuddles. CUDDLE THEM FROM US, LILY. My aim was to get the one human hating cat, Greta, to accept pats before we left, but the closest I got was getting her to lick gravy from my fingers.

Visiting people in the north (like Lily!) is going to be much more of a pain, but visiting those in the south will be much easier. There's basically a bus going straight from here to my parents house, so I should finally try visiting with my chair (it was three different forms of public transport before and I just couldn't face it) For now, however, I plan to rest, and maybe get myself a library card.

Every time I feel embarassed at living with my in laws at 34 I remind myself that the idea of having your own home as a sign of adulthood is a relatively new social construct. And hopefully we can help out as much as we cause extra work, eg I can pop over to the shops for Cam's mum when his dad is at work. (She isn't very mobile and found the idea of borrowing my chair way too scary)
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For genusshrike.

This is something I'm still figuring out, so instead of trying for any general statements I'll just go through the approaches I've taken so far.

Asides from my general plotting approach of "start writing and keep going til you hit a snag, then go back and plan/edit", I guess the basic thing I do is
1) Come up with the "good" paths/endings, structure the game around them. These are usually fairly linear.
2) Come up with any other long paths, make them consistent with the good ones.
3) Always poke at both what would be in character (as with any story) and at what a variety of players might want to do at any given point, even if it's self destructive or messes with my plot. "There are two doors. I decide to open the one on the left." is less fun than letting the player TRY both doors but the one on the right is locked, and the latter isn't much more work.
3) Add little bad ends here and there where it makes sense (and maybe some shortcut funny "good" ends)
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For owlmoose. I am feeling super tired, so this is just going to be some off the top of my head rambles. I am SURE I am going to realise some of this is wrong later. I start with some discussion of the difference between art and writing since I can't see any way not to.

So. The thing with original art is that the art world is SUPER WEIRD.
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