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It seems set that Cam's company is sending him on a work trip to Montreal in June for about a week, and I am thinking of coming along with him. He'll be working during office hours so I'll have a lot of time to kill. We're also considering turning the layover in LA into a few days in Vegas (apparently very wheelchair friendly!) but that's less certain. EDIT: We are instead going to Disneyland.

So! Any of you live nearby and willing and able to come say hi? I am probably going to be a puddle for quite a while after arriving, and am not up to much solo travel, so it's difficult for me to come to you, but if that's the only option and you live very close let me know and at least I'll have the option.

Anyone who's been to either place got tips, especially on wheelchair friendly stuff? I know some of you are in Canada but, well, Canada is really big.

I'm open to hanging out with anyone I know to some extent as long as you're not like an axe murderer. And I will wave sadly South and West to all you guys who will be closer but still too far away.
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Was going to just comment to [personal profile] lizbee since she was asking me about tablets but WHY NOT GET PROMPTS AS WELL.

So! Art prompts! Original or fannish! No zombies or porn! Preferably something simple because I want to try out the new software, Artrage, that came with the tablet ([personal profile] whatistigerbalm cheers in the distance(*))

And for Liz and anyone else who's curious: it's a medium sized Intuos Pen and Touch Creative from Wacom. Which has been discontinued and replaced with some very similar tablets (eg the Intuos Manga) with no eraser. *clutches eraser* I like it so far! I am a little sad it's not compatible with my old Bamboo pen, since it would be nice to have a spare. Also it has a custom USB cable which will be annoying when I inevitably break it >.>

(*)That is the one you're a fan of, right? It seems pretty nice so far! I only got the older version, 3.5, and not the Pro, but my needs are relatively simple.
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Not sure how this is going to look on tumblr BUT WE WILL SEE. Also, one reason there's not much here is that my tablet is dying, if anyone has recs for a reasonable quality graphics tablet that's not too pricey I'd love to hear them!

First, Femslashex treats! Didn't feel like signing up but doing treats was fun and my recipient was lovely.

Dragon Age:

Dragon Age: Fluffy Shoulders (Velanna/Sigrun)

Mass Effect, Undertale, Band vs Band, Seven Kingdoms: the Princess Problem )
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Yes, people I follow who have been doing that for ages, I did think you were just typing it all out consistently each time.

So, let's test it out!

(via this post by [personal profile] snarp)

EDIT: The crossposted post.
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Just finished this and it was a great end to the series. Same flaws as the others, especially the tendency to heavy handed anvils about Privilege, but still overall really great, thoughtful, thrilling space opera with lots of delicious non human intelligences and questions about ethics and The Nature Of The Self.

Pretty much everything I have to say is covered by this spoilery post and the comments to it, I had even been thinking of how to best capslock summarise the exact section she capslock summarises, teehee.

Two extra, VERY SPOILERY thoughts:
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I'm not going to make this but it has been in my head since DA2. I think I may have described it then but I have even more fodder now because Bioware. If anyone sees this and is inspired to make a similar vid please go ahead, and let me know :)

So! The song is Videogames by Lana del Ray. The subject is the UTTER MISERY we players put up with for our pixelated love interests.

Some themes:
Spoilers for all the dragon age games )
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I think I may have done this before, but I have written new things since then. Stolen from various people on tumblr. Some of these are original fiction, but I write that exactly the same way as fic.
  1. I saw Dee again today.
  2. Maisie was in no mood for a ball.
  3. It was getting easier to shoot people.
  4. Cassandra was halfway through her second set of sword exercises before she realised someone was quietly trying to get her attention.
  5. "You know that's not your heart right?"
  6. " are things in Kirkwall?" asked Varric, like it was no big deal.
  7. He was dreaming again.
  8. She caught her up in a punishing kiss.
  9. "That is a pretty belt, Cassandra," said Leliana. "Did your secret admirer give it to you?"
  10. They made the loveliest pair of brides Georgiana had ever seen.

And since I posted the finished fic recently but it's actually the first first line I ever posted to the AO3: "Mary Bennet was a very accomplished girl."

In my defense, 8 starts with an excerpt from a deliberately bad romance novel. I was tempted to add the comma that is, in retrospect, CLEARLY missing from 5 but that wouldn't be an accurate reflection of my writing style haha.

Overall I seem to write pretty boring first lines. Many of these are far more interesting in conjunction with the second line, though, eg for 1, "They were so thin, their skin dry as dust, and I could not bear to look them in the eye."
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So! I was enjoying the rpg Undertale right until it all got too hard and I gave up (specifically, the point where I had to run away from GIANT SPEARS falling from the sky while RUNNING THROUGH A MAZE) I looked up the rest on youtube and it was so great I don't regret the $10 I spent to play some of the game, especially since it helped a lot with the immersion. The whole game is a really clever, funny, and emotionally satisfying exploration of various RPG tropes. And has adorable canon same sex relationships! Note that it can be quite surreal and dark at times, though it's overall optimistic, and also as a child character you go on (innocent and not very romantic) "dates" with adult characters, which mildly weirded me out.

Since it was a little tricky to find all these, for anyone else who'd like to enjoy the story but sucks at reaction times, here's some links.

The Undertale site Has the demo, which is worth playing even if you are terrible at the combat but can otherwise enjoy rpgs. Just keep running away! Most people will improve greatly at any given battle with practice, so don't give up right away. But there's no shame in giving up eventually if it's not fun. Determination isn't everything ;)

The Undertale wiki Has hints on defeating most monsters, information on easter eggs etc.

If you want to watch a playthrough with minimal spoilers this is the best I have found. If you don't mind spoilers for the different kinds of endings I have a more detailed list under the cut.
Spoilers for the kinds of ending, but not plot spoilers )


Sep. 27th, 2015 10:43 pm
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So after several friends being VERY ENTHUSIASTIC at me about this rpg I gave it a go, despite not really enjoying the demo, and after a difficult beginning am quite enjoying it. It's superficially an old school rpg, about a human child who falls into the Underground World of Monsters and is trying to get home despite the many unfriendly monsters trying to kill her along the way. There's random encounters, save points, shops to buy armour or restoratives with money from battles etc. But (a) It's charmingly funny, cute, and well written and (b) you can choose to be a pacifist and not hurt anyone you "fight", in which case they become your friend.

Pacifistically "defeating" a foe requires you to figure out what will make them like you: patting a dog, laughing at a would-be comedian's jokes etc. While you're convincing them they still try and kill you, and surviving requires dodging attacks in real time (everything else is turn based). I am VERY BAD AT THIS. They always use the same attacks, so you can learn the pattern, but I just react too slowly. On the plus side you can grind for gold and buy lots of health restoratives, and can run away from all but the boss fights. So I run away from everything I encounter on the way to the next boss fight, beat the boss, save, then grind for a while, save again (getting back to full health each time), and go towards the next boss. According to a friend this approach should get me through the game, hooray. EDIT: It did not.

This review goes into more detail. It reminds me a bit of the walkaround parts of Homestuck, which is also inspired by Earthbound (a classic rpg I have never played)

moderate spoiler I am glad I was warned about )
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Went out today to The Perth Geek Girl Meetup and then the Queer Comic Book Club, which was conveniently half an hour later and a few blocks away(*). Both were pretty great!

The geek girl group was more casual, and a bit more conventional. Ages went from mid twenties to 50s. San Churos doesn't sell much I can eat (unsurprising since their speciality is deep fried pastry with chocolate) but was very accessible. Everyone was very friendly and nice and I felt a little sad to leave.

The queer comic group was more unconventional (in a conventionally "queer" way) and cerebral. People were friendly and generally very positive, I was the only one who had anything bad to say about the art but they were ok with my differing POV, another person spent some time talking about the racist subtext and people were cool with it (as you'd hope but you NEVER KNOW). Ages were younger, I'd say late teens to mid 30s, though I didn't feel notably old. The Moon is much less accessible, my chair made a sad sound as I went over the ramp-so-steep-it's-basically-a-step at the door, and I couldn't even get to the back section where the group meets. Also it was un-airconditioned and the fans made it harder to hear what people said. Next up is Batwoman which I own and enjoyed, yay! Will happily lend it to anyone who would like to go but is feeling poor.

There's a Ladies Comic Book Club, also at the Moon but in the middle of the month. I haven't been to that yet, am still deciding if I can be bothered buying "Nimona" since I didn't like what I've read very much. Can anyone tell me if it gets less silly/surreal/meta? It kept throwing me out of the story and made it hard to engage with the characters or world.

AND THEN just as the comic group was winding down my dad rang saying he and my middle brother were "in the area" (eg near my house) wondering if I wanted a visit. When I said I was at the Moon in the city they met me there instead, which was convenient: I just hung at the comic group until they showed up, then we went to a booth. Oh! And right at the start I got lunch at Is Donburi and they put CHILI in my teriyaki, meaning I had reflux for the rest of the day >:( It was greasy, too, and they'd blocked their otherwise accessible entrance with chairs so I had to sit outside. DO NOT REC.

So all in all a fun but VERY TIRING day. I am going to be a very sore puddle tomorrow.

(*) though typing "San Churos Northbridge to the Moon" confuses Google Maps, haha.
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Graphic Novels:

The Wicked and the Divine: there's a queer comic book club this Sunday discussing volume 1, and since I've been meaning to read it anyway I bought the digital version. It was, as others have said, an interesting premise with middling execution, but it does have a lot of lgbt characters and an ethnically diverse cast. Basically: a group of young people have become/realised they are the incarnations of various gods. This means being immortal, having powers like fire, and the ability to "sing" in incomprehensible tongues that cause listeners to be inspired/overcome. So they act exactly like rock stars, with popular cheery goddesses, literally underground gothic death gods etc. The main character is a teenage god fangirl who gets caught up in a mystery around the gods when she befriends "Luci" (Lucifer), basically rule 63 Sandman Lucifer. The plot is moderately interesting though I've been massively spoiled for some major twists by tumblr. The characters are...ok. The dialogue is nowhere near as clever as it thinks it is and mistakes sexual references and clunky one liners for wit. The art is good asides from the bland expressions, like it's traced from 3D models. I'm in that annoying in between place where I'd like to see what happens next but don't like it enough to spend any more money or effort on it. I think I'll wait until it's done then see if I can be bothered.

Miss Marvel (vols 1,2 and 3): this is the other diverse comic the teenagers on tumblr keep posting gifs of and I liked it a lot more, though it's less my kind of thing. A lower middle class muslim teenage superhero fangirl gains super powers, and decides to defend Jersey from evil. It's a pretty straightfoward "optimistic teen gains superpowers" story, but charmingly done, with likable characters, light humour, thrilling fights etc. There's some heavy handed Young Adult Fiction elements, like Consent Is Important, Teenagers Have Value But So Do Parents etc, as well as some plain silly aspects, it felt very aimed at young people. But I still quite enjoyed it as someone who was once a teen fangirl and still gets a kick out of imagining befriending Wolverine (this scene was so cute). Also there's a little Agents of Shield crossover at the end of Vol 3 with Simmons (and Coulson) which I enjoyed.
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24 vs now

Sep. 23rd, 2015 05:02 pm
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Meme via [personal profile] chagrined. Give me your age and I'll give you a number to do it yourself, if you like!
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Crossposted/edited from Facebook. I KNOW but that's where the majority of my local friends hang out.

Food adventure mark 1: Thanks to Tiki for suggesting I go to the Swansea markets. They were easy to get to by train, accessible (if poky) and had lots of delicious and interesting food I can eat! I've been there before, back before I got my chair, but didn't realise they were so close to a train station (Oat Street). Venison, chocolate free panforte, vegan caramel syrup, grass jelly, and some nice fruit and veg.

Food adventure mark 2: Golden Choice fruit and veg on Roberts Rd Subiaco a few doors down from the train station: great range, good quality, decent prices (mostly better than Swansea St).

Also went to Farmer Jack's supermarket up on Rockeby Rd, they have a wide range of fancy/unusual food including some fancy cashew "cheeses" I can eat. There were some almond milk icecreams but at $17 for 500mL I think I'll stick to small amounts of low fat icecream and mild indigestion.

The cheese: The "classic cheese" tastes more like french onion dip than cheese, but has a nice creamy texture. I may try replicating it with french onion mix and cashews. Delicious but less vegan in a smoked salmon and lettuce sandwich. $13 for a medium sized jar but it's quite strongly flavoured so you don't need much.
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(this is the final DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition, and ties up the story)

Just finished it! At 2am! COULD NOT STOP PLAYING. IT WAS GREAT. Soooooooo much better than the other DLCs. It felt like the actual proper end to the story, which is great unless you are one of the people whose system can't play it, I feel for those guys.

Oh non spoilery reminder: this happens after the end of the game, and also costs 8 power. So I waited all day to play it...then realised I had to get that inquisitor to the end of the game, and THEN get 8 power (the Descent DLC used up all my extra power for boring sidequests)

And now...SPOILERS.
Spoilers!! )


Sep. 8th, 2015 04:30 pm
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Go hang with actual real life lgbt gamers tomorrow night

...or stay home and play the new Dragon Age DLC with my pixelated lgbt game friends.

Though the way I've been feeling recently it's not much of a decision. I can't pretend not to find this a bit of a relief >.> MY INQUISITOR'S STORY IS IMPORTANT TO ME OK.
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I FINISHED IT. IT TOOK SEVEN YEARS AND NEARLY 60 THOUSAND WORDS BUT I GOT THEM TO KISS. Yes, at last, I give you the final and complete...


Chapters: 22/22
Fandom: Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mary Bennet/Anne de Bourgh
Characters: Mary Bennet, Anne de Bourgh, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Lydia Bennet, Elizabeth Bennet
Additional Tags: Fanfiction, Mutual Pining, 19th Century, Regency, Humor, Happy Ending, Period-Typical Homophobia, Period-Typical Sexism, Canon Disabled Character, Romance, First Time
Summary:In which Mary Bennet becomes a companion to Anne de Bourgh and neither of them gets quite what they were bargaining for.
The new, final, and complete version of the story originally posted as "Wedding is Destiny and Hanging Likewise" and "London".

And also a little extra deleted scene:

To Love And To Cherish (To Love And To Cherish at
Fandom: Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mary Bennet/Anne de Bourgh
Characters: Georgiana Darcy, Mary Bennet, Mr Bennet
Additional Tags: Fanfiction, gratuitous fluff, Wedding Fluff
Summary:A little deleted scene from near the end of (the new and improved!) Wedding is Destiny and Hanging Likewise, taken out for being too implausibly fluffy. Contains background Kitty/MOC/MOC.

And to think it started out as a little 500 word bit of crack to test out the Ao3 beta. Thanks as always to [personal profile] hl for helping me get this far.

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Every now and then someone I follow on social media will post something I find so upsetting I am unable to articulate my distress, and often I find myself in the position of either putting up with being psychologically damaged every time they say this kind of thing or silently unfollowing them, because I cannot see any way to explain my discomfort without getting into an argument I'm not up to.

So I've decided to try listing out my triggers, in hopes that putting them in the context of a large and frequently contradictory list makes it clearer that I'm not necesarily making a moral statement etc, and so I have something to link to when I'm feeling too freaked out to explain things. Some of these things I do have an ethical/moral objection to, but my emotional reaction is totally out of proportion, and there are other things I have zero objection to as long as I can avoid them personally.

I am not up for arguing about any of these (and it's not like you can convince me not to be triggered! That's not how triggers work!), but I can possibly offer clarification.

WARNING: Contains a whole bunch of common triggers!
All the triggers, ALL OF THEM )
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Diabolik Lovers (ep 1): So since I'm making a dating sim about vampires it made sense to watch the anime adaptation of the Dating Sim About Vampires. But as expected it was really not my thing: it's all creepy vampire dudes stockholm syndroming the sweet protagonist. At one point a sexy evil lady vampire showed up briefly but I looked up spoilers and that plot does not go anywhere I'd enjoy. Still, it was interesting as research, and now I'll know more context when people talk about it.


Monument Valley: fantastic, beautiful, understated little phone puzzle game. You are a little girl wandering minimalist fantasy landscapes with Escher-esque topology that uses forced perspective in very creative ways. I found it fairly easy, there are a few minor timing puzzles I didn't always like. It reminded me a lot of Journey.

Descent (Dragon Age Inquisition DLC): really not worth $25, but otherwise moderately entertaining Deep Roads story. Focused very much on two not very interesting DLC-only NPCs with basically no other background characters and nothing for the companions to say or do. Some mildly interesting environments and dwarf related worldbuilding, but the (level adjusted) fights were difficult and dragged on and on, making the fun bits feel stretched out. Sidequests were dull as dishwater.

Cute Demon Crashers: Cute free sex positive dating (well, friends with benefits) sim. A college girl gets to know 3 incubi and a succubus and possibly has sex with one. Strong emphasis on consent and fluffy happiness: you can say no at any time and there are no bad endings. I did the f/f path and it was endearing but a bit too sex focussed for me (which I knew it would be but THE ART WAS TOO CUTE) The demons are all aromantic, it's the fantasy of the perfect calm, knowledgeable, non judgemental older partner with no expectations who wants nothing for themselves but to make you happy. Which is not really my thing (I prefer pining losers haha) but is certainly a contrast to the Diabolik Lovers style love interest.

Dark Parables: Ballad of Rapunzel: Servicable continuation of this series of fairy tale themed hidden object games.

Love Chronicles: Salvation: really quite terrible hidden object game. I didn't mind the previous games in the series but this is set in a demon underworld and is just ugly and unpleasant, and the puzzles aren't much fun.

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