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I have been feeling a little down about having so many ongoing game projects and so rarely making any progress, but today was good for all of them!

Copper Rose aka the f/f vampire dating sim: Had a very productive conversation with co-writer a few days ago, since then have had a bunch of Inspirations and sent her long rambly emails she will hopefully find inspiring and not overwhelming. She's currently in crunch mode for an actual paying writing gig so veers between "no time for Copper Rose" and "please distract me" and is only up for planning, not writing, but we've been hammering out lots of world building, plot and characterisation details.

Marathon Twine Game aka the SUPER SECRET FFA PROJECT (not actually that secret): just saw my cowriter make a comment about working on stuff I sent them a different long thinky email about, hooray! Have I mentioned Marathon here? It's a 90s FPS with some very cool plotting, mostly in text based terminals. You can also just read the terminals separately if you don't want to play/watch a Let's Play. FFA has a small but evangelical group of Marathon fans who sucked me into it by talking about it's cool morally ambiguous AI, who is indeed very cool. I made an off hand remark about how it would be cool if there was a Twine version putting the terminals in context and then ended up coding one, and another anon agreed to help me out with the text *waves*

SOON remaster aka that time travel game I actually finished but only by massively cutting corners: finished another sprite! I'm redrawing all the art and it's slow going since I want to make sure everything is consistent and pretty as opposed to the very rough quality of the original game, and I have to be in just the right mindset.

Northanger Abbey the dating sim aka exactly what it sounds like: continued adapting the text! I overdid this for a while and needed a break, today's the first time I've done any in ages. They have just arrived at the Abbey. Still not sure how well I'll be able to make the original sections mesh with the adapted parts but will cross that bridge when I come to it!


May. 21st, 2015 02:05 am
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Also! Cam and I both had gastro ("stomach flu" to those from the US, apparently, which always makes me think of a sneezing stomach) For me there was only 24 hours between "uh oh this is not my normal level of nausea" and "hooray eating is fun again" but those 24 hours were a wild, deeply unpleasant ride and I am still feeling the after effects. Cam was sick a little longer but bounced back faster or at least higher, which I guess isn't that surprising. The cat has been enjoying how much time I have been spending horizontal, at least.
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I have very mixed feelings about this book and it dredged up a lot of Feelings so I'm going to write about it while it's fresh so I don't keep mulling over it and trigger myself.

This is a rough sequel to Graceling. In that book we meet the princess Bitterblue, rescued from her awful father. In this one we see her, and her kingdom, recover from his rule. Other than that it's a moderately engaging "new young monarch tries to figure out the political situation, rule wisely, and not get killed while also figuring out things like friends and relationships" plot. That aspect I thought was handled pretty well, though some might find the way the romantic subplot was handled frustrating.

What I have mixed feelings about is the handling of recovery from trauma. Literally the entire country, including most of the main characters, has PTSD. This is mostly handled pretty well, with one very significant and unpleasant exception.
discussions of rape and trauma, vague but significant spoilers )

I still plan on reading the remaining book in the series, Fire. But I will have my guard up.

EDIT: Oh and I might as well mention that the book contains a lot of VERY triggery subjects: self harm, child abuse, rape, torture, animal abuse, probably others I'm forgetting. It's overall pretty optimistic in tone and doesn't describe much in detail but could still be upsetting.


May. 17th, 2015 05:44 pm
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Spirits Abroad by Zen Cho: I finished this a while ago but forgot to say. Overall really fantastic short fantasy stories from a Chinese Malaysian point of view, with a light touch and lots of empathy and optimism. The author's notes are really interesting too. The one story I kind of regret reading was the one with a self harm warning, it did unpleasant things to my brain.

Bitterblue by Kristen Cashore: Just started this. It's the sequel to Graceling, following the little girl who gets rescued in that book. It starts when she's still trapped and I'm glad I've already seen her escape because wow is it an unpleasant situation.


Dreampath: the Two Kingdoms: incredibly fluffy hidden object game where you, a princess, solve puzzles with your talking cat companion to get help from a dragon to save your sick sister. Not very deep or especially well made but I enjoyed it.

Mystery Trackers: The Void: The first Hidden Object game I've played where I seriously considered stopping just because it was so annoying. The games themselves are fine, but it's ugly and silly and meanspirited. I get that it's horror/mystery, and maybe that's just not my genre with these games, but it was really unpleasant and I didn't like anyone, even the victims or the detective, and it wallowed in ableism.
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I overall quite enjoyed this film but there were definitely things I didn't like. My feelings are a series of ambivalences which average out positive.
Spoilers for the premise )
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So I took a break from Dragon Age Inquisition for a while but then the Black Emporium came out and look at how pretty my babies are now. There's no new options, but I am terrible at character creation, especially since it kept crashing on me. This way I can edit, check it out in different lighting, then edit some more.

I still didn't feel like playing, but then tonight I was awake and sore and grumpy and decided I would distract myself by KILLING A DRAGON aw yiss.
Killing dragons is how you get boys to notice you )

Oh and of course I have to finish the Jaws of Hakkon!
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May. 12th, 2015 11:42 pm
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Just finished the one and only season of this police procedural about an immortal medical examiner and I quite liked it! It's like a B-grade cross between Bones and Highlander.
No spoilers )
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Been feeling a bit down so let's think some happy thoughts! Like cuddly cats overcoming their misanthropy because the weather has turned cold.

I got THE BEST story for Spaceswap:
A Secret Garden She Hides (3646 words) by opalmatrix
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Imperial Radch Series - Ann Leckie
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Tisarwat, Piat, Administrator Celar, Athoek Station, Mercy of Kalr, Seivarden Vendaai
Additional Tags: Friendship, Bonding, Developing Friendships
Summary: When Tisarwat and Piat end up working together on the rebuilding of the Undergarden, Tisarwat finds out there's more to the Administrator's daughter than she had thought.

And I am all done working on things for exchanges for now! I just have to wait for Jukebox to open *twiddles thumbs*

I made chips from the purple sweet potato they sell at Coles and they were TASTY. Sweet and salty and chewy and crispy.

I know I already mentioned it but the new anime MY love STORY!!/Ore Monogatari!! is freaking adorable.
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My Wintersend works and some "20 years earlier" comics.

For vaincs:

Sighs and Whispers ( link)
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Female Inquisitor/Cassandra Pentaghast
Additional Tags: Getting Together, Happy Ending, Fanfiction, Secret Admirer
Summary: Cassandra does not have a secret admirer, and there is no way it could be the Inquisitor.
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No spoilers but under a cut anyway because I know some people want to go in with no preconceptions.
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I didn't request this for jukebox because I have a very specific story in mind which, as I only realised as I watched the video for signups, is 100% not what the song is actually about. Also I like the other songs I requested more, in the end. But I wanted to get my original interpretation down before the actual meaning wipes it out.

The setting is the far future, but with fantasy/horror elements. The Mercy Seat is part of some sort of quasi-religious/mystical role, judging other people's crimes/truths. The singer is a man from a poor background who feels utterly overwhelmed by the position, he does his best but is a largely powerless cog in a large machine and increasingly worn down. The seat itself may literally be taking the life from him. He thinks he is likely to die, maybe that's just how the Mercy Seat works or maybe other powerful people/beings are working against him, but struggles on.

(The actual song is quite clearly about someone about to be put to death by electric chair. I really don't know how I missed that all these years. Maybe I got confused by the original meaning?)
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I guess I walked into that one.
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So my body has decided to throw everything at me for no apparent reason.
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First, my Dragon Age Inquisitor cosplay.

Second, some random recs:
the movie Joint Security Area
Safety Not Guaranteed
What if my Baby Is A Squib Subtle, dark, Harry Potter fanfic that pokes at the squib=disability thing
Across the Nightingale Floor by Lianne Hearn (next year's guest)
Husbands (by Jane Espenson, ditto, omg)

Third, panel notes:

Has Science Fiction Changed Society?
The general consensus was that it reflects existing changes and can inspire/help individuals, but is rarely on the forefront of any change. It's really bad at predicting the future so not much good at preparing for or inspiring it. I might write up the rest of my notes but while I enjoyed the panel none of it seems worth the effort.

John Scalzi Guest of Honour Speech
The meaning of life is unverifiable.

Poison Elves
I went to this by accident but have always been vaguely curious after seeing the comics in shops, and was amused to discover the hero's name is Lusipher. I wonder if there's a Saetan too.

Science in Speculative Fiction
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Sunshine, daisies My completely adorable Bethany/Merrill art gift

And now some recs:
Martyred Really well done Flemeth character art, my next favourite work of the exchange.
Ruffles and Lace Cute Harding/Josephine fic
Writing love all over Sweet Josephine/Cassandra fic (a little shmoopy but that suits the pairing)


Apr. 8th, 2015 06:33 pm
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Had a great time! Was very tired, and am now utterly drained, so there has been and will be a lot of resting.

Notes for the Hanako Games panel
Notes for the Femslash Panel

I also did a Dragon Age panel with no real notes and a guy called Jetha I'd never met before. But he was great! They all had small audiences but went pretty well.

Didn't speak to any of the guests. John Scalzi was entertaining from a distance. Talked to lots of people I haven't seen for ages which was great *waves* Con was very accessible which was great. The Pan Pacific even labelled which buffet dishes were dairy free (none of the desserts ;-;)

I took a very small amount of notes for some panels but they are alllll the way over in my bag so maybe later.

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