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This is my personal/fannish journal. For topics I feel require a more serious and moderated approach I have [personal profile] sqbr.

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Things I assume you know about me.

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Some more stuff I have watched and read recently! Links for those where you may want to see if they're as odd as they sound.

A Lily Among Thorns by Rose Lerner: a sweet regency romance where the female lead is an ex sex worker! Also the secondary romance is m/m!! Longer review at my tumblr.

If you're judging me for that rec you should probably stop reading now.
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So! Thanks to people's prompts helping me past a creative block I have properly started on an idea I've been poking at for a while: a Visual Novel/dating sim version of Northanger Abbey. And I was hoping you guys might have some thoughts on all the fun/interesting "what if"s I can explore. (I still intend on doing the prompts, this is one of those big projects I poke at intermittently)
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Jan. 25th, 2015 08:37 am
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Art or writing (or comics or games, if you can think of something short!), original or fannish.

For fic I can only do canons I’m familiar with, Dragon Age Inquisition is what’s most on my mind but I can give other stuff a go. I don’t do prose prompts much, I’m trying to push myself to write more but it may end up very short!

I'm more flexible with art but may require image refs.

And as always, no zombies :)
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Cam has been away for the last week and a bit which has meant I needed LOTS OF DISTRACTION. (And he is still away, so I shall distract myself by writing this post)
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Finally finished Ferdi's game and have done everything I wanted to see and can imagine myself doing, and have watched videos for the rest. So now if I play again (and I don't think I will for a while) I can just let things go where they want naturally. And I can read fic without worrying about spoilers.
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Cam is on holiday so I am distracting myself with a new Dragon Age character. I'm having a lot of fun so far!

I wasn't having fun with Tim, partly because he turned out to be a homorantic asexual dude which is not a group well served by the romances.

Thus Ferdi Cadash, a dual weilding male dwarf rogue. A photo of Ferdi with description.
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Again I found myself writing a novel in repsonse to a link on tumblr, but this time I actually agree with it, I just got too wordy :)


I find it a bit odd she gives Dragon Age as an example of a series where romance always leads to sex, and uses Solas the the headline image, when there isn't any sex in the Solas romance. There's none in Josephine's either, and apparently the developers did this deliberately for asexual players (though I have no source for this).

But I agree with her overall point. There's no reason romance has to lead to sex, and the fact it almost always does, and that the player may find their characters having sex when all they explicitely agreed to was love, is really unfortunate.
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This is for [community profile] space_swap, which allows art and vids and stuff this year woo!
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So I've been thinking about how I use tumblr, and amongst other things decided I might be happier if was more willing to post original content there as relevant and crosspost it back here. So let's give it a go!

(this isn't everything I've posted to tumblr recently, just the more interesting original-ish things)
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Have started properly playing Tim, the ernest Andrastian Qunari mage. It's funny how characters take on a life of their own once you play them, he's usually very sedate but has these flashes of grumpiness especially when people are bigoted. I guess he's more Leliana like than I was expecting. But he ADORES Casandra omg. Not sure if it's romantic, and have to see how he feels about Bull and Dorian (who are my planned LIs) but right now I see them being total bffs.

Playing as an Andrastian does give a different perspective on the game, I actually feel sad about the Chantry's problems. Also everyone is so tiny and adorable when you're a male qunari. Curious too see what talking to Bull is like.

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This was started out as an email [personal profile] lilysea, who was looking for games like Broken Age, but if I make it a post I can share with other people and maybe get more suggestions! Also warning if any of these require hand and eye coordination or fast reflexes.

I love that there's this resurgence in the genre and that most of these are like $10 and playable on the Mac. I haven't included any visual novels because that's a different genre. Note that many of these are on sale right now on Steam!

Old game I liked but haven't played in over a decade:
Legend of Kyrandia 2: The Hand of Fate: Fun silly high fantasy with a female protagonist

Games I have enjoyed recently on the Mac:
Gone Home: Really good storytelling, very simple puzzles, you are a young woman coming home to an empty house figuring out what's up with your family. Currently one of the gayest games I've played :)
Broken Age: Charming, funny, and gorgeous intertwined story of two teenagers (one a black girl omg) in a fantasy/scifi setting. Story stops abruptly halfway through because the second half is still in production.
Myst: Updated version of the classic walk around puzzle game. Atmospheric and pretty.
The Blackwell Legacy (and the next 2 games in the series): Grumpy, cynical women reluctantly badgered into saving people with their psychic powers. Has some dark tropey stuff about ~madness~.

Haven't played but heard good things about, available for Mac:
Wolf Among Us: A prequel to the Fables graphic novels, you are Bigby Wolf solving a murder mystery. Lots of difficult decisions, some of which must be made quickly.
The Walking Dead: Zombies, if you like that sort of thing. (And good characters and stuff, apparently? But also ZOMBIES)
Kentucky Route Zero: Eerie road trip through abandoned parts of America.
Sam and Max Hit The Road: over the top dark humour shenanigans
Syberia: Art nouveua steampunk with female protagonist
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis: What you'd expect given the title?
Machinarium You are a little robot making their way through a mechanised dystopia. I got bored and stuck on the puzzles but lots of people love it.
To The Moon: Bittersweet, about doctors helping dying people in their dreams. One of them is a woman?

The rest of these games aren't available for Mac, sorry Lily!

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITES a decade ago but they're not available for Mac:
Monkey Island: Hilarious tropey pirate adventure, very Pirates of the Carribean. Don't like the look of the new art but ymmv.
Gabriel Knight: moody supernatural murder mystery in New Orleans. Kinda racist in it's depiction of voodoo. Good Old Games has the original version with Tim Curry and the dated but more artistic graphics. Had a reaction time bit at the end I never got past, I vaguely recall hearing they may have removed that in the new version.
Gabriel Knight 2: BISEXUAL GERMAN WEREWOLVES. For a long time was the gayest game I had ever played, but it's all very Tragic Gay and even in like 2002 the graphics was super dated. The "piece together the ~secret history~ from real historical objects" puzzles were very well done in this and the next game.
Gabriel Knight 3: steals from all the same sources as the Davinci Code but makes more sense AND has vampires.

Haven't played but heard good things about, just Windows:
Lifeless Planet: You are a cosmonaut on a lifeless planet, figuring out it's secrets

Not currently available for modern Mac or PC:
Gateway: old game based on the Frederic Pohl scifi book. Haven't played myself.
Day of the Tentacle: old scifi humour I never had the chance to finish, an update is coming!
Ghost Trick: DS/phone game I have heard good things about. You are a ghost solving your own murder?
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: super fun legal trials and mysteries, DS/phone only.
Hotel Dusk: Moody noir murder mystery, DS/phone only.
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Saw The Hobbit: The Five Armies today. It was...pretty much what I'd been led to expect by the previous two films. Overblown and overlong and soooo the story of the manly dudes (and sometimes the sighing squealing women they fight for) vs the gross sickly hordes, but it was pretty and the main stories pretty much affected me the way they were supposed to. It descended deep into B grade cheese in parts but Thorin and Bilbo sold their tragic love. Probably helps I haven't read the book for so long I've forgotten the plot.

It would be a lie to say I didn't enjoy it at least 50% as a Dragon Age AU, with all the dwarfy stuff Inquisition was missing. It certainly reminded me of what a blatant Tolkein ripoff Dragon Age is. One might say deconstruction if it deconstructed more. Though it does at least have more characters who aren't (ostensibly) straight white cis dudes (and who don't appear for five seconds and then die)

Also: Gosh this house is better than the old one in hot weather. We have insulation, decent aircon, decent blinds, and a line of trees blocking the main sun, and it makes such a difference.

Date Warp

Dec. 27th, 2014 02:34 pm
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Date Warp: a scifi visual novel/dating sim from Spiky Caterpillar and Hanako Games (of Long Live The Queen and Magical Diary) It's flawed but I overall enjoyed it, and it does the "multiple versions of the same story from different perspectives adding up to a complete picture" thing I really like.

It's cheesy, badly drawn, a bit slut shamey, and fails the Bechdel test spectacularly but the the love interests are all varied and basically decent and the protagonist is well drawn. Also she's Indian American but this is not a big deal, which is a nice change from the ZOMG LOOK OUR PROTAGONIST IS BLACK/What Are PoC approaches of Certain Other Dating Sims. She's an agnostic too, which I enjoyed, even if the plot gets a bit THE POWER OF FAITH for my tastes. (She is also a little more similar to the ethnically Indian agnostic vegetarian intelligent-but-unsure-of-her-goals similarly aged protagonist of Copper Rose than I'd like but that's not really a flaw)

I had some issues with the way the bisexual poly love interest was treated but they're spoilery (EDIT: Ok it turns out I was mostly wrong about that! It's actually pretty cute)
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Me: Since we decided no presents this year I brought a bunch of food for sharing! Yay for a low stress Christmas.
Brother: I got you a card
Brother:'s for Cameron. lol.
Mum: I also got you a card
Mum: Also for Cameron.
Me: ...
*hands voucher from Mum to brother. Hands voucher from brother to mum*

Cameron was totally fine with "his" gifts being redistributed, especially since I kept the most expensive one ;)
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Graceling by Kristin Cashore: It took me nearly 100 pages to get over HOW MUCH of a YA fantasy first novel this is: the main countries are Estill, Wester, Nander, Sunder and Middluns laid out exactly as you'd expect and the author still felt the need for a map, the main character is a spitfire tomboy called Kat(sa) who is the neice of the king but everyone shys away from her because her Special Eyes show she is cursed by awesome, and by the way despite being isolated and socially awkward she runs a massive secret network of do-gooders she just created from scratch one day because she thought it would be a good idea? But once I got past all that I quite enjoyed it. Although this is pure "awkward girl who feels like everyone hates them finds love and acceptance" wish fulfillment there's no moment where Katsa puts on a nice dress and becomes the prettiest girl at the ball(*), part of her arc is finding people who are ok with her cutting her hair super short and dealing with her frustrations by fighting. And I loved seeing a redemption arc for a girl who really has done some awful things, even if she had no choice in the matter (her Specialness involves being really fantastic at hurting people, and her uncle the King took complete and terrible advantage of it) Also the male love interest, despite being a bit smug, is the calm sensitive one and I liked that :) It was only once I was partway through that I remembered I had decide to avoid it because I'd heard the bad guy is a pedophile, it was subtle enough not to trigger me but ymmv. Could also have done with a bit less of Katsa being compared to a "wildcat", but it's that kind of book.

(*)I am all for those moments for female characters who HAVEN'T spent most of the book talking about how much they hate dresses and balls.

Guild Wars 2: I have found myself entirely unmotivated to play since shortly before Dragon Age Inquisition came out. It really doesn't help that once you get past a certain level it's pretty much all zombies all the time :(

Veronica Mars Movie: Have I mentioned how awful this was? I mean I did have some happy affectionate nostalgia but it was overall just an incredibly bland chewed over rehash of the most shallow nostalgia laden reading of the characters, with the worst sort of "Lol you thought we were making social commentary but actually we hate poor people" plot and an incredibly unfortunate drug use metaphor/running joke. It's ten years later and noone's really grown or changed (except Weevil, bless him) Oh and Logan has finally finished his Woobie's Journey to Sainted Male Love Interest. I liked Veronica/Logan, but over 3 seasons and a movie they rehashed the same angst over and over in increasingly boring ways until it lost all meaning. See: every other aspect of the show I used to like. And despite being overall safe and pedestrian they still managed to include some really gross rape stuff, it was just tacked on at the end instead of underpinning the whole story.
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I wrote some fic! This may not seem very exciting but I haven't written any fic in over a year. Which is to say, not since shortly before my life fell into UTTER CRAP for a while. Hooray for life being less crap and a new Dragon Age game :)

The Scent of Honeysuckle at AO3 The Scent of Honeysuckle at
Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Josephine Montilyet/Cassandra Pentaghast
Characters: Josephine Montilyet, Cassandra Pentaghast
Additional Tags: Fanfiction, Romance, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Happy Ending
Summary: Josephine thinks she's going to marry a Pentaghast. Things don't quite go according to plan.

And there's a silly little sequel/collection of ficlets: "Reactions: Before and After" at AO3, "Reactions: Before and After" at

Now some comics! All have descriptions.

A non spoilery comic about the "patch"

The rest have major spoilers!

Romance in Dragon Age Inquisition

Maximising My Smooches

In Death, Sacrifice (also contains death, spiders)

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