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There have been a few times when a particular fanwork (usually a fanmix or vid) has permanently changed my associations with a song, and it fits so well that I can only think of it as being about a particular character/pairing/canon. For example:

  • Total Eclipse of the Heart (literal version): Revolutionary Girl Utena thanks to the vid Total Eclipse of the Heartsword
  • Girl With One Eye: Vriska from Homestuck via the fanmix Just As Horrible as Me (it's a Terezi/Vriska mix but I think of it as more of an Aradia/Vriska song)
  • Hide and Seek: Battlestar Gallactica via Meant Well: The Occupation despite TEN MILLION "mmm whatcha say" videos on tumblr
  • Cosmic Love: Puella Magi Madoka Magica (and Homura/Madoka in particular) from the vid Mahou Shoujo Requiem
  • Handlebars The Doctor, though I've seen it fit well for a number of characters.
  • Seamstress: Nikita&Alex from Nikita from the vid Seamstress

Does anyone else have any examples? Preferably where the lyrics really do fit surprisingly well. Or just songs which are remarkable fits where you thought of the connection independently.

If you don't do fanworks, I guess songs from movies/tv where it fit the scene PERFECTLY and you no longer hear it as being about the original subject. But songs written for the soundtrack don't count :)
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A bunch of entertaining if implausible things. They all have female main characters but ended up being about dudes a lot of the time.

There Will Be Phlogiston by Alexis Hall: (which is free right now!) a short, unabashedly silly but goodhearted steampunk m/m/f romance. Had basically no plot, it was just a lot of the central dude going "So I really like you and you are obviously miserable let's have amazing sex and be happy" and both other LIs going "But you are common and I just CAN'T" and him sighing manfully before they realise the error of their ways and everyone lives happily ever after. Felt very fanfic-ish, I found myself thinking of it as teen!Viviene/Iron Bull/Dorian minus all the kink and political complexity (and with everyone white and human). Various conflicts etc are glossed over in favour of like 2 chapters at the end of pure cuddles and sex and found family fluff. The characters were slightly different from romance novel norms, the woman was genuinely kind of a jerk in a way only men usually get to be, and while the central dude was Super Manly And Large of the "even men want him" variety he was SUCH A SWEETIE deep down, his main flaw was feeling more like wish fulfilment for readers identifying with the two more prickly LIs than a real character in his own right. Note: the gay male LI experiences some pretty intense internal and external homophobia. Also, this is the 5th in a series, the world building could be confusing but I was happy just to let it wash over me, all you really need to know is that the central guy made his money as some kind of miner and the other two are upper class. I'm pondering reading some of the others but apparently they have phonetically spelled dialect and look a bit twee.

Trade Me by Courtney Milan: Poor, bitter Chinese American woman finds herself swapping lives with charming billionaire fellow college student. I liked this as a drama about two 20 somethings figuring out themselves and their families (the complicated relationship between the main character and her activist immigrant mother was REALLY well drawn) which explored class and stuff, but it didn't entirely click for me as a romance, I'm not sure why. Still it's been cool watching Courtney Milan push the boundaries of inclusiveness in romance novels more and more, the next book in this series is about the main character of "Trade Me"s trans woman best friend which sounds great.

Hatoful Boyfriend: finally finished this, I read a Lets Play a few years ago so knew the ending was intense and was kind of putting it off. Overall a great game for what it is: an increasingly cracky, bizarre, but surprisingly heartfelt parody of dating sims where all the love interests are birds. ALLLL about the dudes in the end but I mind less when it's pigeons. Has a lot more death and darkness and Weirdness About Illness than you might expect from the genre!

Agent Carter: The season finished in a pretty satisfying way. Not perfect (POC men largely exist to say one line then have something awful happen to them), but a fun 40s spy thriller/drama with some nice continuity within the larger MCU. I was happily surprised that they didn't go anywhere really awful with the canonically disabled character! They overdid people saying "you know Peggy will never date a cripple" but mostly he got to just be a flawed but mostly decent and competent guy whose disability was not his only defining feature. Would have been nice to cast an actual disabled person but I'm pretty happy with "neither evil nor faking".
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I staretd making on as a 10 minute thing and it blew up on me :) Looking for anything from "let me do most of the talking/planning but offer the odd alternative POV" to having the talk be as much yours as mine, I have maybe 30 minutes of slides plus some vids but am flexible.

(The other panel I decided on was Hanako Games, which fits into 10 minutes nicely)
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So [personal profile] fred_mouse asked me to write about my headcanons for romances I've played and I was so UTTERLY BAFFLED by the idea that anyone actually enjoys me talking about this kind of thing I stalled for like a month.

So I'm just going to go through relationships my PCs have had and see if I have anything to say about each.
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To make up for not being able to "finish" a story since is down and I can't crosspost.


DA2: Daisies

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So Swancon this year is doing ten minute presentations which sounds like fun but I can't decide what to talk about. Anyone got anything you'd like to see me rant about for ten minutes? Or think Swancon could benefit from? If you don't go to swancon you can probably still see it: I'll need to practice and get my timing right so I'm thinking I'll do up a youtube version.

One thing Swancon often misses out on is femlash fandom, in as much as it talk about transformative works at all there's generally a pretty strong focus on slash. That's a pretty big topic though.

So, some thoughts:

  • Dragon Age
  • Hanako Games
  • A brief intro to femslash fandom (what is it, where do you find it. Give a basic intro for outsiders, give hints of where to look next for anyone interested)
  • A brief history of femslash fandom? In contrast to the tradional "fandom begins and ends with slash" version of transformative fandom history. I'm not much of a fannish historian though.
  • Speculative f/f romance. Nice and focussed, positive, wouldn't require too much boring research. Only downside is I got two similar panels up last year. Could include popular f/f fandoms, I guess, and I'd have images.
  • Something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT which my brain is not supplying me right now.
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Some more stuff I have watched and read recently! Links for those where you may want to see if they're as odd as they sound.

A Lily Among Thorns by Rose Lerner: a sweet regency romance where the female lead is an ex sex worker! Also the secondary romance is m/m!! Longer review at my tumblr.

If you're judging me for that rec you should probably stop reading now.
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So! Thanks to people's prompts helping me past a creative block I have properly started on an idea I've been poking at for a while: a Visual Novel/dating sim version of Northanger Abbey. And I was hoping you guys might have some thoughts on all the fun/interesting "what if"s I can explore. (I still intend on doing the prompts, this is one of those big projects I poke at intermittently)
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Jan. 25th, 2015 08:37 am
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Art or writing (or comics or games, if you can think of something short!), original or fannish.

For fic I can only do canons I’m familiar with, Dragon Age Inquisition is what’s most on my mind but I can give other stuff a go. I don’t do prose prompts much, I’m trying to push myself to write more but it may end up very short!

I'm more flexible with art but may require image refs.

And as always, no zombies :)
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Cam has been away for the last week and a bit which has meant I needed LOTS OF DISTRACTION. (And he is still away, so I shall distract myself by writing this post)
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Finally finished Ferdi's game and have done everything I wanted to see and can imagine myself doing, and have watched videos for the rest. So now if I play again (and I don't think I will for a while) I can just let things go where they want naturally. And I can read fic without worrying about spoilers.
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Cam is on holiday so I am distracting myself with a new Dragon Age character. I'm having a lot of fun so far!

I wasn't having fun with Tim, partly because he turned out to be a homorantic asexual dude which is not a group well served by the romances.

Thus Ferdi Cadash, a dual weilding male dwarf rogue. A photo of Ferdi with description.
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Again I found myself writing a novel in repsonse to a link on tumblr, but this time I actually agree with it, I just got too wordy :)


I find it a bit odd she gives Dragon Age as an example of a series where romance always leads to sex, and uses Solas the the headline image, when there isn't any sex in the Solas romance. There's none in Josephine's either, and apparently the developers did this deliberately for asexual players (though I have no source for this).

But I agree with her overall point. There's no reason romance has to lead to sex, and the fact it almost always does, and that the player may find their characters having sex when all they explicitely agreed to was love, is really unfortunate.
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This is for [community profile] space_swap, which allows art and vids and stuff this year woo!
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So I've been thinking about how I use tumblr, and amongst other things decided I might be happier if was more willing to post original content there as relevant and crosspost it back here. So let's give it a go!

(this isn't everything I've posted to tumblr recently, just the more interesting original-ish things)
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Have started properly playing Tim, the ernest Andrastian Qunari mage. It's funny how characters take on a life of their own once you play them, he's usually very sedate but has these flashes of grumpiness especially when people are bigoted. I guess he's more Leliana like than I was expecting. But he ADORES Casandra omg. Not sure if it's romantic, and have to see how he feels about Bull and Dorian (who are my planned LIs) but right now I see them being total bffs.

Playing as an Andrastian does give a different perspective on the game, I actually feel sad about the Chantry's problems. Also everyone is so tiny and adorable when you're a male qunari. Curious too see what talking to Bull is like.

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