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I didn't request this for jukebox because I have a very specific story in mind which, as I only realised as I watched the video for signups, is 100% not what the song is actually about. Also I like the other songs I requested more, in the end. But I wanted to get my original interpretation down before the actual meaning wipes it out.

The setting is the far future, but with fantasy/horror elements. The Mercy Seat is part of some sort of quasi-religious/mystical role, judging other people's crimes/truths. The singer is a man from a poor background who feels utterly overwhelmed by the position, he does his best but is a largely powerless cog in a large machine and increasingly worn down. The seat itself may literally be taking the life from him. He thinks he is likely to die, maybe that's just how the Mercy Seat works or maybe other powerful people/beings are working against him, but struggles on.

(The actual song is quite clearly about someone about to be put to death by electric chair. I really don't know how I missed that all these years. Maybe I got confused by the original meaning?)
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I guess I walked into that one.
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So my body has decided to throw everything at me for no apparent reason.
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First, my Dragon Age Inquisitor cosplay.

Second, some random recs:
the movie Joint Security Area
Safety Not Guaranteed
What if my Baby Is A Squib Subtle, dark, Harry Potter fanfic that pokes at the squib=disability thing
Across the Nightingale Floor by Lianne Hearn (next year's guest)
Husbands (by Jane Espenson, ditto, omg)

Third, panel notes:

Has Science Fiction Changed Society?
The general consensus was that it reflects existing changes and can inspire/help individuals, but is rarely on the forefront of any change. It's really bad at predicting the future so not much good at preparing for or inspiring it. I might write up the rest of my notes but while I enjoyed the panel none of it seems worth the effort.

John Scalzi Guest of Honour Speech
The meaning of life is unverifiable.

Poison Elves
I went to this by accident but have always been vaguely curious after seeing the comics in shops, and was amused to discover the hero's name is Lusipher. I wonder if there's a Saetan too.

Science in Speculative Fiction
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Sunshine, daisies My completely adorable Bethany/Merrill art gift

And now some recs:
Martyred Really well done Flemeth character art, my next favourite work of the exchange.
Ruffles and Lace Cute Harding/Josephine fic
Writing love all over Sweet Josephine/Cassandra fic (a little shmoopy but that suits the pairing)


Apr. 8th, 2015 06:33 pm
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Had a great time! Was very tired, and am now utterly drained, so there has been and will be a lot of resting.

Notes for the Hanako Games panel
Notes for the Femslash Panel

I also did a Dragon Age panel with no real notes and a guy called Jetha I'd never met before. But he was great! They all had small audiences but went pretty well.

Didn't speak to any of the guests. John Scalzi was entertaining from a distance. Talked to lots of people I haven't seen for ages which was great *waves* Con was very accessible which was great. The Pan Pacific even labelled which buffet dishes were dairy free (none of the desserts ;-;)

I took a very small amount of notes for some panels but they are alllll the way over in my bag so maybe later.
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[community profile] jukebox_fest is an exchange where you write fic, record podfic, or draw art based on a song (woo for them having art this year!). I did a treat last year and it was great fun. Nominations are open until April 4 so if you're interested in getting involved make sure there's some songs you find inspiring! The list of nominated songs looks promising.

I nominated:
Isobel by Bjork Youtube lyrics
Blinding Florence + the Machine Youtube lyrics
Girl With One Eye Florence + the Machine Youtube lyrics
Seamstress Dessa Youtube lyrics

I was about to nominate The Mercy Seat by Nick Cave but watching the video made me realise it's about an execution not about becoming some sort of doomed judge-King (yes it only took me 27 years shush). I could prompt for my interpretation anyway I guess but am feeling less enthused.

I am going to have trouble coming up with any prompts that aren't about doomed femslashy robots. Also I'm going to have to think carefully about what to offer, because my art style tends to suit happy humour, not the kind of weird angst my music taste tends towards.
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All caught up with what they have on Hulu and feeling a bit bereft, but looking forward to watching S/Season 3 week by week.

Overall I quite enjoyed R. Slightly less filler! More time travel! Less emphasis on all the girls swooning over boys, more on Usagi/Mamoru in particular. Once again I'd have enjoyed the romance more if it was written better, but it worked ok asides from Usagi's bizarre and disturbing jealousy of a six year old girl(*). On the plus side Mamoru himself finds the idea bizarre too and is just being a nice older brother/paternal figure but I could still have done without it. Also there was more incest subtext than I was expecting, which was a mixture of amusingly odd and disturbing.

The world building and plots continue to frequently be ridiculous.

But the main focus is friendship, responsibility, and love (not just romantic love! But more often romantic than not) Usagi has matured into a more sensible and less short sightedly selfish person, but her path to heroism is still pretty rocky and that makes the finales where she gives her all and triumphs all the more satisfying.

I've seen three episodes of S and am liking it so far. I've met the f/f couple Michuru and Haruka and adore them, especially the androgynous Haruka, she's a hot breath of fresh air in an otherwise incredibly heteronormative series. Apparently she's generally read as genderfluid in the manga but a butch woman in the anime, I can see both readings so far.

(*)Ok I don't know how old she is exactly, but definitely young primary school age.
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So I finally got through all 47 episodes of season 1/the original anime. And it was pretty great, I can definitely see why it's a classic. The first twenty episodes or so are SUPER DULL, lots of silly repetitive plots, but then things pick up and by the end I was on the edge of my seat.

The show is all about the power of girls and love. I really enjoyed the "don't underestimate girls or put down their interests" message, as well as the way it is ALWAYS the girls saving the day. Unfortunately "love" explicitly means romantic love, and the forms that love takes are off putting. Lots of love at first sight, "I didn't like him but then he sacrificed himself to save me so now I love him", "the important thing is not to lose hope, even if he tries to kill you or has a girlfriend" etc. And all girls care about makeup, weddings, not being fat etc. (The fatphobia is pretty awful)
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More TV!

Mar. 19th, 2015 09:02 pm
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Fresh Off The Boat: "Man gives voiceover of his childhood" sitcom about a Taiwanese-American boy growing up in the 90s. I watched the 4-5 episodes I could get to on Hulu and enjoyed it well enough but I'm not really into such a typical boy-growing-up narrative. The woman playing the mother is cute though >.>

Sailor Moon (original anime): Very dated and slow but enjoyable as 90% fluffy repetitive magical girl action/drama/comedy, 10% ongoing narrative. MUCH SLOWER than Crystal but overall much better. Even the 90s art style has grown on me, I like how cuddly and expressive it is. I could do without the ALL GIRLS LOVE ROMANCE AND WEDDINGS etc but I like how explicitly pro-girl it is, even if the definition of girl is old fashioned. I also love that Usagi is a female reluctant hero-because-of-fate-not-competence who freaks out and ignores her duties and falls for every pretty face, but is ultimately a good and heroic person. It's cool to find myself falling for all these characters I've been seeing fanart etc of for so long. I'm currently up to episode 39, apparently there's like 60 episodes to go until the canon f/f I was hoping to see before Swancon /o\

Yurikuma Arashi: Continues to be the Weird Lesbian Bear show. The worldbuilding is completely ridiculous and the fanservice gratuitous but I like the characters and find the plot and relationships compelling. Also there's SO MUCH FEMSLASH. This is the kind of show where you constantly feel like you're just about to understand everything, so I put off watching until there was a bunch built up and I needed to distract myself from some pain. It did a very good job of distracting me but now I want more! And the plot does seem to fit together pretty well in a bizarre sort of way. Note that there is a LOT of off screen sexualised violence, and lots of on screen...violentised sexiness.
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There have been a few times when a particular fanwork (usually a fanmix or vid) has permanently changed my associations with a song, and it fits so well that I can only think of it as being about a particular character/pairing/canon. For example:

  • Total Eclipse of the Heart (literal version): Revolutionary Girl Utena thanks to the vid Total Eclipse of the Heartsword
  • Girl With One Eye: Vriska from Homestuck via the fanmix Just As Horrible as Me (it's a Terezi/Vriska mix but I think of it as more of an Aradia/Vriska song)
  • Hide and Seek: Battlestar Gallactica via Meant Well: The Occupation despite TEN MILLION "mmm whatcha say" videos on tumblr
  • Cosmic Love: Puella Magi Madoka Magica (and Homura/Madoka in particular) from the vid Mahou Shoujo Requiem
  • Handlebars The Doctor, though I've seen it fit well for a number of characters.
  • Seamstress: Nikita&Alex from Nikita from the vid Seamstress

Does anyone else have any examples? Preferably where the lyrics really do fit surprisingly well. Or just songs which are remarkable fits where you thought of the connection independently.

If you don't do fanworks, I guess songs from movies/tv where it fit the scene PERFECTLY and you no longer hear it as being about the original subject. But songs written for the soundtrack don't count :)

EDIT: Hee, and here's a vid which matches an association I got from just hearing the song: Take me To Church to Lucrecia and Cesare from The Borgias. I haven't even watched the show but I have a friend who goes on about it a lot, and the song really is perfect.
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A bunch of entertaining if implausible things. They all have female main characters but ended up being about dudes a lot of the time.

There Will Be Phlogiston by Alexis Hall: (which is free right now!) a short, unabashedly silly but goodhearted steampunk m/m/f romance. Had basically no plot, it was just a lot of the central dude going "So I really like you and you are obviously miserable let's have amazing sex and be happy" and both other LIs going "But you are common and I just CAN'T" and him sighing manfully before they realise the error of their ways and everyone lives happily ever after. Felt very fanfic-ish, I found myself thinking of it as teen!Viviene/Iron Bull/Dorian minus all the kink and political complexity (and with everyone white and human). Various conflicts etc are glossed over in favour of like 2 chapters at the end of pure cuddles and sex and found family fluff. The characters were slightly different from romance novel norms, the woman was genuinely kind of a jerk in a way only men usually get to be, and while the central dude was Super Manly And Large of the "even men want him" variety he was SUCH A SWEETIE deep down, his main flaw was feeling more like wish fulfilment for readers identifying with the two more prickly LIs than a real character in his own right. Note: the gay male LI experiences some pretty intense internal and external homophobia. Also, this is the 5th in a series, the world building could be confusing but I was happy just to let it wash over me, all you really need to know is that the central guy made his money as some kind of miner and the other two are upper class. I'm pondering reading some of the others but apparently they have phonetically spelled dialect and look a bit twee.

Trade Me by Courtney Milan: Poor, bitter Chinese American woman finds herself swapping lives with charming billionaire fellow college student. I liked this as a drama about two 20 somethings figuring out themselves and their families (the complicated relationship between the main character and her activist immigrant mother was REALLY well drawn) which explored class and stuff, but it didn't entirely click for me as a romance, I'm not sure why. Still it's been cool watching Courtney Milan push the boundaries of inclusiveness in romance novels more and more, the next book in this series is about the main character of "Trade Me"s trans woman best friend which sounds great.

Hatoful Boyfriend: finally finished this, I read a Lets Play a few years ago so knew the ending was intense and was kind of putting it off. Overall a great game for what it is: an increasingly cracky, bizarre, but surprisingly heartfelt parody of dating sims where all the love interests are birds. ALLLL about the dudes in the end but I mind less when it's pigeons. Has a lot more death and darkness and Weirdness About Illness than you might expect from the genre!

Agent Carter: The season finished in a pretty satisfying way. Not perfect (POC men largely exist to say one line then have something awful happen to them), but a fun 40s spy thriller/drama with some nice continuity within the larger MCU. I was happily surprised that they didn't go anywhere really awful with the canonically disabled character! They overdid people saying "you know Peggy will never date a cripple" but mostly he got to just be a flawed but mostly decent and competent guy whose disability was not his only defining feature. Would have been nice to cast an actual disabled person but I'm pretty happy with "neither evil nor faking".
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I staretd making on as a 10 minute thing and it blew up on me :) Looking for anything from "let me do most of the talking/planning but offer the odd alternative POV" to having the talk be as much yours as mine, I have maybe 30 minutes of slides plus some vids but am flexible.

(The other panel I decided on was Hanako Games, which fits into 10 minutes nicely)
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So [personal profile] fred_mouse asked me to write about my headcanons for romances I've played and I was so UTTERLY BAFFLED by the idea that anyone actually enjoys me talking about this kind of thing I stalled for like a month.

So I'm just going to go through relationships my PCs have had and see if I have anything to say about each.
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To make up for not being able to "finish" a story since is down and I can't crosspost.


DA2: Daisies

And the rest is Inquisition! )
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So Swancon this year is doing ten minute presentations which sounds like fun but I can't decide what to talk about. Anyone got anything you'd like to see me rant about for ten minutes? Or think Swancon could benefit from? If you don't go to swancon you can probably still see it: I'll need to practice and get my timing right so I'm thinking I'll do up a youtube version.

One thing Swancon often misses out on is femlash fandom, in as much as it talk about transformative works at all there's generally a pretty strong focus on slash. That's a pretty big topic though.

So, some thoughts:

  • Dragon Age
  • Hanako Games
  • A brief intro to femslash fandom (what is it, where do you find it. Give a basic intro for outsiders, give hints of where to look next for anyone interested)
  • A brief history of femslash fandom? In contrast to the tradional "fandom begins and ends with slash" version of transformative fandom history. I'm not much of a fannish historian though.
  • Speculative f/f romance. Nice and focussed, positive, wouldn't require too much boring research. Only downside is I got two similar panels up last year. Could include popular f/f fandoms, I guess, and I'd have images.
  • Something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT which my brain is not supplying me right now.
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Some more stuff I have watched and read recently! Links for those where you may want to see if they're as odd as they sound.

A Lily Among Thorns by Rose Lerner: a sweet regency romance where the female lead is an ex sex worker! Also the secondary romance is m/m!! Longer review at my tumblr.

If you're judging me for that rec you should probably stop reading now.
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